Amnesia Curiosa


Amnesia CuriosaAmnesia Curiosa

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“Watching “Amnesia Curiosa” inspires an off-kilter state of mind. The performance group rainpan 43 creates a droll, deadpan scientific mood that makes the audience happy to be served banana slices on toothpicks while making believe they’re tasting brains.”

Washington post


Created by Rainpan 43 Geoff Sobelle and Trey Lyford

Directed by Andrew Dawson

Costumes Chrystal Weatherly

Lighting Randy ‘Igleu’ Glickman

“I keep inside myself, in my private museum, everything I have seen and loved in my life”-Andre Malraux

Geoff Sobelle and Trey Lyford unearth a museum of absence and artifact where the paranormal is normal and the line between docent and exhibit becomes increasingly blurred. Drawing from the esoteric worlds of 19th Century pseudo-science, medical anomaly, spiritualism, and the occult, Amnesia Curiosa is a surgical séance, exhuming a repository of familial ghosts, memory, and wonder.