For Kaffen Blir Kald


Før Kaffen Blir Kald (Before the Coffee turns cold)


By Krutt og Kamfer , Norway www.kruttogkamfer.no

Directed by Andrew Dawson

Design Stine Marie Ass Grumheden

Music Andreas Lønmo Knusrod

Created and performed by

Ida Jacobsen

Cecile Solberg Knudsrød

Yngvild Aspell

‘Before the coffee is cold’, a melancholy comedy about old age.

There is an encounter between three young carers and Agnes, in a mixture of madness, humour and poetry.

We meet Agnes at the old home where a young nurse has her first day at work. Suddenly the young face to face with the old, who cannot walk without support and needs help with the most intimate of tasks. A description of any day at a nursing home, but where the everyday for us is extraordinary.

‘Before the coffee gets cold’ tells a warm, humorous story, about addiction, loneliness and our lifecycle.