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“What is all this dancing?” (1988)

 “A stylish parody of film noir, whose sure footed skills and sharp comic characterisations ensure that there is literally never a dull moment” TIME OUT

 Cast: Jos Houben, Andrew Dawson, Oona Beeson

Director: Gavin Robertson

Design: Jan Godyns

Lighting design: Gee bowman

In a whirlwind of passion, three people are drawn into a triangle of romance, power and jealously.

He is dead and she is on the run. She wanders the city in fear and despair, constantly looking over her shoulder, never sure if she is safe. The same night, she finds herself in a small dingy bar on the outskirts of the town –its hot, and anything can happen in the heat of the moment!

The production was commissioned by the Greenwich festival (London) and was rehearsed in Brussels, Belgium



Leitmotif (2007)

“The results are often breathtakingly poetic.” The Metro

Leitmotif is the recurring gesture that unifies and unites a collection of short collaborated works by Andrew Dawson

I invited a group of leading artists and friends to create work on me, to provoke and challenge me. I become a blank canvas. Together we explored different artistic mediums from film to dance, text and animation.

Andrew made two films, one with photographer Nitin Vadukul, and one with Aardman Animations, Chorography with Sara Crow and Sven Till,  words with Charlotte Medcalf and a shadow play with Julian Crouch.




Do You Want To Die With Me? (2005)

Directed by Andrew Dawson

Concept by Sven Til
Choreography and performance by Hiekyoung Kim and Sven Till
Music composed and performed by Matthias Herrmann
Costumes by Heather MacCrimmon

On an island. Two persons before, in, after the catastrophe which isolate them from the outer world. The distance between him and her, only a few steps, is bridgeable, with the speed of a bullet… DO YOU WANT TO DIE WITH ME was created on invitation by the festival Kleist Festtage in Frankfurt / Oder which every year is dedicated to the work of German poet Heinrich von Kleist. The letters of the poet inspired the new creation of fabrik Company.




Made of the Water 

Chorography Andrew Dawson

Dancer Paula Harradine

Music Helen Chadwick

Made of the Water began with the premise of the solo dancer and how could she not dance alone. We created a shallow pool of water in which Paula danced with her reflection, finally entering the water in the end.




The Three Musketeers (1991)

1st Performance at the Millfield Theatre, London October 10th 1991. The show toured around the world, including Senegal, Australia, New Zealand  Brazil and Japan.

Devised and Performed by Andrew Dawson, Gavin Robertson & Robert Thirtle

Directed by Toby Sedgwick
Costumes Liz Crewe
Fight Director Richard Ryan
Photography Nitin Vadukul





Line, Point, Plane 

Matilta Leyser

Andrew is the overall director of Matilda Leyser’s ‘Line, Point, Plane’ bringing together the 3 individual pieces. Andrew is also creating ‘line 2’ a reworking of the original ‘Line’

In her show actress and aerialist Matilda Leyser climbs alone into the air to explore the solitude which, paradoxically, we all share. Line, Point, Plane combines physical theatre with circus aerial skills, dance original writing, music and design. Building on both existing material and new work the project brings together an exciting and highly respected team of collaborators from the world of theatre and dance.
Comprising three parts, the performance’s structure and title have been inspired by the artist Wassily Kandinsky’s seminal work Point and Line to Plane. Matilda’s performance powerfully demonstrates how aerial work can dramatise many of the metaphors through which we describe our life on the ground.

Performed and conceived by: Matilda Leyser

Artistic Collaborator: Rosemary Lee

Creative Team: Annabel Arden, Annie Castledine, Liz Cooke, Will Cleary, Bryony Lavery, Rosemary Lee, Jonathan Lever, Daniel Weaver, Michele Weaver, Chahine Yavroyan.

Line, Point, Plane has been commissioned by ROH2 at The Royal Opera House with support from the Helen Hamlyn Trust, The London International Mime Festival and Pegasus Theatre Oxford and is supported by South Hill Park with funding from Arts Council England.




The Six-Sided Man (1986)

“Novel and intriguing – a seductive package” The Guardian

“A slick, subtle show – compulsive viewing.” Liverpool Daily Post

“…the capacity audience were held spellbound throughout the entire performance – witty and unique.” Hong Kong Standard

“Excellent comic theatre, beautifully performed” The Scotsman

“A powerful challenge to the social rules of life – great work” South China Morning Post

Inspired by Luke Rhinehart’s “TheDice Man”, it was initially the follow-up to ‘THUNDERBIRDS F.A.B.’ Gavin Robertson and I created and first toured this show in 1986. As MTP (Mime Theatre Project) we took this to the Edinburgh Festival in 1987 and thereafter with the British Council to Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Israel, and Memphis in the USA. We revisited the show in 2001 with a British Tour.



Space Precinct (1994-1995)

Space Precinct was a British television series that aired during the 1994-1995 season on Sky one and BBC 2 in Britain and in Syndication in North America.

The series was created by Gerry Anderson and was a mix of science fiction and police stories that combined elements of many of Anderson’s previous series such as Space 1999, UFO and Thunderbirds, but with an added dash of Law & Order and Dragnet.

Andrew appeared in 16 episodes of ‘Space Precinct’, playing various aliens!

Protect and Survive (3 October 1994) – Judge

The Enforcer (10 October 1994) – Skeevan

Double Duty (24 October 1994) – Piru
The Snake (31 October 1994) – The General
Divided We Stand (30 January 1995) – Caller #1
Takeover (13 February 1995) – Miles Yorba
Predator and Prey (20 February 1995) – Man
The Witness (24 April 1995) – Sketch Artist
Hate Street (1 May 1995) – Barco
Friends (8 May 1995) – Creon Guard
Smelter Skelter (15 May 1995) – Dar
Flash (29 May 1995) – Forensic
The Fire Within: Part 1 (26 June 1995) – Tendall Kalike
The Forever Beetle (10 July 1995) – Dr. Long
Deathwatch: Part 1 (17 July 1995) – Major Graffa
Deathwatch: Part 2 (24 July 1995) – Pawldo