The Articulate Hand
Performed by Andrew Dawson
Directed by Martin Lloyd-Evans
Music Composed by Jonny Pilcher

Through movement, we uncover the grace, beauty and psychological consequences of impairments of the hand.
In a collaboration between Jonathan Cole, neuroscientist and author, and performance artist Andrew Dawson, the work articulates the experience of impairment by uniting the insight of the scientist with the empathy of the artist.

The basis of this examination is through a variety of extraordinary encounters with people with hand impairment, including stroke, arthritis, spinal cord injury and the remarkable case of losing all sense of touch. Only through loss do we reveal the significance of our hands.

The environment that we build around ourselves is shaped by the anatomy and function of the hand. Not only are hands tools with which we manipulate the physical world, through gesture they are aesthetically rich messengers, from our inner selves.

They are the eyes of the skin.