I Am Half of Who I Am


I Am Half of who I Am

Commissioned by Tenuta Dello Scompiglio Via di Vorno, 67 – Vorno, Capannori (Lucca) Premiered 3rd & 4th November 2012 in Italy

Next performance at UNSEEN focus on mental ability 18-19th Dec 2012 Calcutta, India presented by The Wellcome Trust/DBT Alliance


I am half of who I Am is a performance fuelled by curiosity of the self. Only half of Lou Coleman’s body, her left side, is medically labeled with Cerebral Palsy. Her right side appears normal. This piece explores her differing movement patterns from her left to her right, and the space between. The piece is a collaboration between performer Lou Coleman and director performer Andrew Dawson. Together they will illuminate our understanding of this physical, neurological condition as they create a very special structure.

Director: Andrew Dawson

Performers: Andrew Dawson and Lou Coleman

Music: Jonny Pilcher

Commissioned in Italy by www.delloscompiglio.org With support of Central school of Speech and Drama London.