Andrew will present a piece about the Voyager Space missions as part of this years Emerge Impact and music event in Las Vegas  April 6th – 8th 2018






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Spirit of the Ring



Won the best International show in New York as part of the largest solo festival in the world.


15 Hours of Wagner’s Opera ‘The Ring Cycle’ condensed to 30 mins!

With a table for a stage and brilliant skill in mime, this epic is exhilarating, witty, heart-stirring.

Be amazed as you experience the vast river Rhine, the Castle of the Gods and the winged horse of the Valkyrie. Dawson single-handedly embodies the spirit of The Ring making the opera extraordinarily accessible through skillful physicality.

Andrew was commissioned by the Royal Opera House to reduce the whole of Wagner’s Ring Cycle to 30 mins, performed with his hands, The first performance was part of the Deloitte Festival of Wagner and Verdi and was premiered on September 7th & 8th 2013

‘One would never believe it possible that the emotions associated with the Ring Story could be so successfully evoked by such extraordinarily minimal means – two hands and a face do it all, indeed at various times two fingers are sufficient. For anyone who knows the Ring, and can pick up the story references, this is a lovely way to re-engage with all those complex emotions. The presentation combines humour with serious messages in a  way that can catch you unawares, a device that provides an extra dimension to the whole experience of re-living The Ring.’

Sir Jeremy Dixon

Take Andrew Dawson, movement expert and sometimes hand model. (His mitts are featured in the Honda Hands commercial.) Dawson’s ‘Spirit of the Ring’ was a delight, and simply staged. The scale at which Dawson operates is small but he thinks big. Standing on a platform behind a flat, slanted and velvety black surface, and cued to an edited recording, in just under 30 minutes he guided us through the dramatic highs of ‘Der Ring des Nibelungen,’ Places, characters and the shifting of focus and scale were all conjured via expressively detailed gesture.


The Pearl Fishers at LA Opera in 2017


MET Pearl Fishers Overture seg 2015 from Andrew Dawson on Vimeo.

The Opera was presented Los Angeles in October/November 2017. LA Opera

“L.A. Opera’s ‘Pearl Fishers’: Stunning production dives deep into meaning.”

LA Times.


“The opening underwater sequence, of pearl fishers swimming slowly down from the flies, for instance, is unforgettable.” The Guardian

Revived at the end of last year at ENO www.eno.org/fishers

New York MET Opera opened Dec 31st 2015



A short film on how we made the overture.
Director Penny Woolcock

Design Dick Bird

Choreography Andrew Dawson

Opening with a mesmerizing underwater sequence, this is a visually stunning production, set against the backdrop of a shanty town community on an exotic island. Acclaimed film-maker Penny Woolcock returns to ENO to direct this update of her 2010 production of The Pearl Fishers. Her previous forays into opera include her widely-praised staging of John Adams’s Doctor Atomic at ENO and the Metropolitan Opera.

A co-production with the Metropolitan Opera, New York

The Pearl Fishers is sung  in English | Running time: 2hrs 30mins (including 1 interval)

The Nest


the nest











I was the movement director of this new translation of the play ‘The Nest’ directed by Ian Rickson. The play was staged at the Young Vic

‘Yet the smallest of touches reach the heart. The baby is never seen; he is just a presence suggested by the cup of his mother’s hands, the careful way she folds a plaid rug around an empty space. As if to say: love is not something you find; you create it.’

The Observer





The Articulate Hand at the Old Operating Theatre


The Articulate hand will be at the Old Operating Theatre in London bridge  June 16th 7pm

Through movement, we uncover the grace, beauty and psychological consequences of impairments of the hand.  In a collaboration between Jonathan Cole, neuroscientist and author, and performance artist Andrew Dawson, the work articulates the experience of impairment by uniting the insight of the scientist, with the empathy of the artist.





The Articulate Hand

John Cage: Landscapes


 Andrew presents a film  as

a response to John Cage’s Landscapes (1948)Cage


Space Panorama in New York


SPACE PANORAMA  has just had special performances in New York as part of the Space Science festival 2015, under the Space Shuttle, Enterprise


Sp on Intrepid-4 Sp on Intrepid-3

Hand Model


Andrew works as a hand Model

His hand reel.

Andrew Dawson Hand Reel from Andrew Dawson on Vimeo.

Most recent commercila for Dunkin’ Donuts

Making cocktails for Haig Whisky

and Huawei smart watch

Here he is as Clive Owens Hand

AD Hand

Here is the whole Honda Hands Commercial

Honda Hands from Andrew Dawson on Vimeo.

 Here are some  more commercials  including PG tips and MacDonalds…

Hand Commercial SHOW REEL from Andrew Dawson on Vimeo.

Learning Skills Council from Andrew Dawson on Vimeo.

CQI Handyguide from Andrew Dawson on Vimeo.

For Tescos


For Budweiser

bud 960


For Wellcome Trust


wellcome handswellcome hands

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