Amnesia Curiosa

“I keep inside myself, in my private museum, everything I have seen and loved in my life” – Andre Malraux

Geoff Sobelle and Trey Lyford unearth a museum of absence and artifact where the paranormal is normal and the line between docent and exhibit becomes increasingly blurred. Drawing from the esoteric worlds of 19th Century pseudo-science, medical anomaly, spiritualism, and the occult, Amnesia Curiosa is a surgical séance, exhuming a repository of familial ghosts, memory, and wonder.

Amnesia Curiosa was performed atop the historic Pennsylvania Hospital in the oldest surgical amphitheater in the U.S.

“Watching “Amnesia Curiosa” inspires an off-kilter state of mind. The performance group rainpan 43 creates a droll, deadpan scientific mood that makes the audience happy to be served banana slices on toothpicks while making believe they’re tasting brains.” – Washington post

Concept: Geoff Sobelle, Trey Lyford & Andrew Dawson
Performance: Geoff Sobelle & Trey Lyford
Direction: Andrew Dawson
Costumes: Chrystal Weatherly
Lighting: Randy ‘Igleu’ Glickman
Set: Luciana Stecconi

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