Pandora 88

A “box”, barely 1.5sq meters encapsulates the shared experiences and life paths of the two performers. It is their playground, home, prison, and their sanctuary, source of light, sound and memories. A place where their lives start and finish, to which they’re bound for better or worse. Within this confined space the two performers are forced to concentrate on the freedom that comes from within.

Wolfgang Hoffmann and Sven Till explore the boundaries of dance and theatre in this intense and moving piece inspired both by Brian Keenan’s book “An Evil Cradling” and Stanley Kubrick’s film “2001 A Space Odyssey”. With intense imagery and heroic adventures they slip from comedy to tragedy and back again with a brief detour through outer space.

“Male duets are not uncommon in contemporary dance, but this pair push the boundaries emotionally as well as physically. Their embraces move from manacles to games, wrestling holds, reassurance and intimate respect. It’s a gripping piece.”
– Jan Parry, The Observer

Concept: Wolfgang Hoffmann, Sven Till & Andrew Dawson
Performance: Wolfgang Hoffmann & Sven Till
Direction: Andrew Dawson
Music: Matthias Herrmann
Supported by:
Fabrik, Potsdam