Space Panorama

Space Panorama is an utterly hypnotic solo recreation of the Apollo 11 moon landing, using only Dawson’s hands, to create a constantly entrancing documentary of the entire mission. Accompanied by Shostakovich’s 10th symphony and a dramatic, lively narration Dawson takes us from Houston to the moon and returns us safely to earth, conveying the colossal distances and the risks involved simply through the deftness skilled movement in his hands. Dawson has performed Space Panorama, which he created in 1987, at theatres and festivals throughout the world including the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing at the Kennedy Centre.

“An outstanding presentation”
- Astronaut, John Young
(Gemini 3, 10, Apollo 10, 16, and Commander of the first Space Shuttle)

“Dawson has an astonishingly eloquent physical Presence.”

- The Observer

“It must be seen, if only to for the mobility of Dawson’s hands, which play all the parts from rocket to moon lander. Great fun.”
- The Guardian

Concept: Andrew Dawson & Jos Houben
Performance: Andrew Dawson
Narration: Gavin Robertson
Directed by: Jos Houben
Music: Extracts from Shostakovich’s 10th Symphony
Poster designs: Nitin Vadukul

First performance: 24th April 1989
London Premiere: The Apollo Theatre 11th September 1989

Commissioned by
The Northern Festival of Dance and Visual Theatre

Reed Hutchinson
Roman Sheppard Dawson